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Welcome to the homepage of Online, your one-stop shop for all information about us! ;)

We are a group of fun-loving people of all levels who understand what games should be about: Fun! Online is a new community, giving its members the amazing opportunity to help mold and create our culture. If you joined Tera a little late or haven't yet found your place in this game, we are a great place to start. We focus on many things, as there are many things to do in Tera: leveling, hosting community events, GvG, political plotting, gearing up, running end-game instances, and PvPing in the open world. Online, people aren't limited to doing only one thing (hurrhurr, I c whut u did thur). We believe that we can be involved in everything that this game has to offer, and that our guild should support us in all of our endeavors! 

So, whether you are level 26 or level 60, Online has something for you. If you're a social butterfly and love chatting on Mumble, or if you prefer in-game guild chat, we'll accept you with open arms. PvP'er or PvE'er doesn't matter to us; we do it all! Still not convinced? Please take a look around our website or contact anyone in-game and ask about us. See you in Tera! :D

Guild News

Scavenger Hunt Forum Event

Sheepi, Aug 20, 12 1:13 PM.
Jeny is hosting our first scavenger hunt event! Thanks to Jeny for thinking this up and putting it into play! :D
Please check out the link below and maybe give a shout in LFG to let everyone know about it. 

Aug. 11 Tera Beach Event

Sheepi, Aug 12, 12 9:34 PM.
We all had fun at the Tera beach event and took some awesome guild photos! Check out the gallery for the rest of them! :D

Upcoming Guild-Only PvP Tournament

Sheepi, Aug 7, 12 11:02 PM.

This within-guild tournament is meant to give people a chance to PvP together before we officially begin PvP practice nights, and to win a little cash at the same time! :D The rules are listed below.

DATE OF TOURNAMENT: 8/17/12 (Friday) at 10PM EST

1)      Teams will be made up of 3 players of your choosing for deathmatches. You must name your team and choose a team captain to call out things in Mumble and roll to determine who you will fight.

2)      To determine who will fight who, the team leader will roll against all of the other team leaders. The two highest rollers will fight. If there is a tie, the tied rollers will fight regardless of who has the highest roll.

3)      Each team is required to put 300g into the guild bank before the day of the tournament. This money will be used for prizes and for guild funding. You also need to inform Sheepi of the team members through in-game mail.

4)      The prizes will be distributed to winning teams, as follows (total prize pool will depend on the number of teams):

a.       First place: 30% of the prize money

b.      Second place: 15% of the prize money

c.       Third place: 5% of the prize money

d.      Last place (consolation prize): Safe haven scrolls :D!!!

Screenshot Contest Winners Announced

Sheepi, Aug 3, 12 8:55 AM.
The results are in! Congrats to all of the winners, and thank you to everyone for participating in the first contest hosted by Online! We hope that you all had fun, and please look forward to more contests from us in the future. Prizes have been mailed out!

1) Babyfartzmagee (Babyfartz) PRIZE: 500g

Comments: The colors are amazing. The character's outfit matches the scenery, and the angle of the shot is really epic.

2) Embersky (Irish) PRIZE: 250g

Comments: This could totally be an official wallpaper for Tera. Amazing!

3) Nass (Nassamara) PRIZE: 100g

Comments: This is an amazing shot of Velika, and your character on the mountain is pretty awesome.

Honorable mentions (PRIZE: 50g):
a) Shadosun (Eilistraee)

Comments: Pretty awesome scenery, and a little frightening at the same time!

b) Wickedry (Hinky)

Comments: That's epic scenery right there.

c) Jeny (Jeny)

Comments: LOL!!

d) Peddle

Comments: That's a great looking character. Next time, turn off the UI! :P

e) BruGomes (Heavybit)

Comments: I really like this area and the angle of the picture catches everything very well.

f) SugarMojo

Comments: This looks fun and piratey. ;)

g) CueBall (Cue)

Comments: Epic PvP. :D

GvG Time!

Sheepi, Jul 30, 12 1:06 PM.
We are in a couple of friendly GvGs today, with Soup and Judgment. Have fun, don't kill the lowbies, and put up a good fight! :D Thanks to Soup and Judgment for the PvP. <3
There are no upcoming events.
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